about the book


Success requires effort. Effort induces stress.

And (unregulated) stress can lead to burnout.

There’s a fire within me. It’s a project tentatively titled The Burnout Gamble, and it’s about how to beat burnout & achieve more. It was inspired by your rave response to my 2nd TEDx talk (which chronicled my bouts with burnout) as well as the wealth of research I’ve conducted in the time that has elapsed since the talk. Psychologists, educators, and recovering overachievers have all helped me to develop a framework for optimizing productivity while minimizing stress, and I’m crafting a book about this.

Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization and is estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year. Studies show that employees, executives, and entrepreneurs alike are working longer and harder than ever before, leaving very little time for much else. By burning the candle on both ends, our most productive people are severely compromising their health & well-being. Whether the drive to achieve is coming from within (the pursuit of happiness, striving for greatness, building a legacy, etc.) or without (fear of job redundancy, layoffs due to an uncertain economy, increased demands for overtime, etc.) stress is unavoidable.

It’s not the fire that’s the problem, it’s the absence of the fire.

While stress can’t be avoided, it can certainly be harnessed. In fact, anyone who has experienced the highs of peak performance appreciates the value of “eustress” (good stress) to unlock optimal productivity. Playing a proverbial high-stakes game of work/life requires a substantial wager of your health & well-being. But without sufficient understanding of the rules, you can quickly end up in a negative free-roll scenario. The Burnout Gamble is full of stories, strategies, and tools to help you beat the odds by conquering stress, dodging burnout, and staying motivated. I want to show you how to play a better hand, regardless of the cards you’ve been dealt.

Are You Ready To Win The Burnout Gamble?

The Burnout Gamble is full of stories, tools and strategies to teach you how to conquer stress, beat burnout, and stay motivated.